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The artists at Mortuary Studios create more than movies, music, and spook houses. Below, you'll find links to published fiction, lots of photography, and a gallery of odds & ends like: paintings, drawings, sculptures, snowmen, tree houses, hobbit holes, and vampire killing kits.




Charlie Bookout's short stories have been published in various anthologies and magazines. Read Charlie's GoodReads profile here.

"Birds on an Island" - a modern fantasy that is set in Maine but is still connected to Charlie's fictional Cedar Hill, Arkansas - was the cover story for the March, 2017 issue of Shimmer Magazine. (Cover painting by Sandro Castelli.)


"Four Views of The Big Cigar in Winter" was a finalist in the Large Cast (Short Form) category at the 2014 Parsec Awards.

His stories that have been presented in podcast form are:

Listen to "Of Ants and Mountains."

Listen to "Four Views of the Big Cigar in Winter."

Listen to "One Sixth Gravity of the Heart."


His ghost story "Goodbye Mildred" appears in the sixteenth edition of Shimmer Magazine

Order a copy here. Read the interview here.




Odds and Ends

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