Mortuary Studios film maker Shane McNair was creating short films long before there was such a thing as digital video editing or even DVDs. 

     Video shorts are still a mainstay at Shane's new video facility 'Studio-2' directly adjacent to the Mortuary Studios Building. There's an ever growing list of comedy sketches and other shorts like Esurient, Hittters, and Ghost Granny with a Shotgun.


For more of Shane's video projects, please visit the Studio-2 Facebook page.





A gallery of special effects tests by Shane McNair


"When I was in school, I took art in the second semester of 9th grade. Mrs. Clark had us do outside drawings and turn them in on fridays. It was just a drawing of whatever we wanted to do, and sometimes there was a theme. I've decided to do video "outside drawings" and post them on the Mortuary Studios youtube page. It will probably be an attempt to do a special or digital effects shot that I saw in a movie."  



walkin' with g-man

Timothy Gann, known to many as G-Man, has been walking the highways and back roads of Northwest Arkansas for most of his life. In "Walkin' With G-Man" - a documentary by Mortuary Studios film maker Shane McNair - Tim tells his hilarious and often touching story.

DVD copies are available here.